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General Information

This operates as Harp House Day Centre and is located within the premises of Harp House in Upney. See address below. Here, Honey Crown Bee aims to provide the highest quality of service in order to ensure that Service Users have a lovely day out-of-the-home and enjoy value for money.

 We are fully insured to run this service. The Commissioning and Integration Team of the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham have also been very supportive all the way

 Our competent and professional support service enables people of all ages to socialise, avoid boredom and participate in games and activities to help their mental and physical well-being The physical and emotional welfare of our service users is of paramount importance.

Process for service delivery

What to expect

We will arrange a meeting with the individual who is to use the Day Centre. At this meeting, we will be able to identify the Service User’s needs and expectations from attendance at the Day Centre. We will also use the opportunity of this meeting to do a Service User Assessment.

The result of the Service User Assessment will enable us to produce a Service User Support Plan for you. The Service User Support Plan will be drawn up with your involvement taking into account your wishes, preferences and dislikes. This will help us make sure you have a great day at the Day Centre. This will guide the carers in the conduct of their duties towards you.

Any specific Service User requirements and preferences will be identified and properly recorded on the Service User Support Plan. This is particularly important where services are to be provided to people from minority ethnic communities, cultural or faith groups.

Secondly, during the meeting referred to above, we will do a Service User Risk Assessment. This will assess your current capabilities viz a viz what you need to do at the Day Centre. We will use the results to work out how we can reduce risk to yourself and to others during your time at the Day Centre.

Attendance Days and Times

The Day Centre will operate on Mondays to Fridays every week except on bank holidays. The Day Centre opens at 09:45 and closes at 15:45. Families and social workers should please stress this timing to the drivers of transport being organized for the Service Users.

 In our operation, we will work using the key tenets of choice, dignity, individuality, equality, and respect.

We will 

  • Allow choice in the activities that service users participate in.
  • Allow service users to maximize their individual competence.
  • Let service users express their own individuality while benefiting from being part of a group.
  • Recognise diversity and respect each person’s cultural and religious needs, for example in the choice of meals.
  • Respect each service user’s rights, treating them as a valued person in their own right and ensuring that no service user or care worker is discriminated against.
Meals and Refreshments

Light breakfast of toast with tea or coffee.

Three course lunch with a range of choices for them to choose from.

Snacks and tea or coffee or chocolate in the afternoon.


They have the opportunity to read newspapers and we have a range of activities for them to choose from in the course of the day. The activities are listed below. Other suggestions are welcome.

List of Activities

Trips Quiz
Cinema Sing Along
Picture puzzle Brain Teasers
Bingo Rummy Card
Hoy Musical Bingo
Scrabble Light Exercise
Dominoes Reading
Snakes and Ladder Chess
Crossword Puzzle Connect4
Current Affairs Discussion Entertainment
Newspaper Reading  Many more…

NB: New games and activities will always be explored based on Service Users’ preference.

Each individual’s social worker or family will arrange their transport to and fro. This could be by Taxi, Dial-a-ride or DABD Transport. It is up to the family or social worker to decide.


Service users who have a personal budget can pay from their personal budget. Their social worker will arrange this. They will, however, have to bring cash for their lunch, tea/coffee and to play bingo.

If you don’t have a personal budget, you are still welcome. Private service users can pay for services directly by themselves, by their families or by whoever is handling their finances. They will also bring cash for their lunch, tea/coffee and to play bingo.

Sevice users should :
  • Expect to be treated as an individual whose needs and preferences are met.
  • Expect friendship from both our workers and the rest of the service users.
  • Come to the Centre with the full expectation that they will have a beautiful day out at the Centre. 
  • Feel free to participate in activities that interest them and can opt out of activities that they are not interested in.
  • Treat other service users as well as carers with respect.

Families of Service Users should

  • Be rest assured that their loved ones are in safe hands.
  •  Expect to hear from our workers if there are areas of concern about the Service Users
Harp House Day Centre organizes events periodically for its attendees in conjunction with the residents of Harp House.

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